Teeth can be whitened i.e. made to look lighter and brighter either individually or all together.
Gentle whitening (dental bleaching) of upper teeth showing the contrast with the unwhitened lower teeth
Gentle whitening (dental bleaching) of upper teeth showing the contrast with the unwhitened lower teeth

We prefer to offer minimal intervention wherever possible. Whitening of teeth can be simply achieved in most cases by having teeth thoroughly cleaned by the hygienist and we now have another gentle approach to remove stain called the Air Flow system. Significant and longer lasting whitening (lasting up to around 3 years) can be achieved with the help of a dental bleaching process (see News and Offers).

Unfilled teeth can be lightened by this special dental bleaching process which involves wearing specially made tooth fitting trays at night time for around 2 weeks.

Some dentists promote a rapid whitening process carried out in the surgery. Evidence shows that the long term results are no different to the less aggressive approach we offer. The quicker process involves stronger chemicals which can cause increased sensitivity.

Darkened front teeth which have been root treated can be individually lightened by way of a process that bleaches from within the tooth.

Restored teeth can have darkened restorations removed and replaced with lighter and more tooth coloured restorations. It is not possible to whiten crowns or veneers using the bleaching process

Heavily restored teeth, especially root treated molar and premolar teeth can be made to look like healthy teeth using natural coloured porcelain crowns or porcelain onlays.
For teeth with dark fillings, replacement with more natural tooth coloured fillings can offer excellent results. With more damaged teeth, then porcelain veneers, crowns or bridges may be the right clinical choice.

You can also help yourself by reducing the amount you smoke, the coffee and red wine you may drink.

Ask Adam, Lianne, Nick and Luisa for their advice about any aspect of whitening.

Gently cleaning stained teeth
Gently cleaning stained teeth